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Aunt Stella's journey began on October 21, 1910, gracing the vibrant lower east side of Manhattan with her presence. After completing high school, a deep calling led her to embrace a life devoted to the church as a nun. Her path intertwined with the Dominican Congregations across Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, a choice that allowed her to remain connected to her beloved family.

What I hold closest to my heart from my time with Aunt Stella is her genuine love for cooking and the joy of family gatherings. Even now, I can effortlessly transport myself back to those cherished moments, picturing her gracefully moving around the kitchen and savoring the lingering aroma of freshly prepared spaghetti sauce on the stove. These memories etched themselves as precious treasures of my childhood and acted as the cornerstone of inspiration for my restaurant.

When the decision arose to establish Stella's in 2009, the choice of a name was a natural and heartfelt one. I aspired to create a haven where every guest felt as cherished as family, and where the flavors of our food evoked the comfort of home. Who better to symbolize these values than my beloved Aunt Stella?

Regrettably, Aunt Stella's physical presence left us in October of 2000, and she wasn't able to witness the realization of my dream. Yet, her spirit has always graced the essence of Stella's. As you step into our establishment, rest assured that her benevolent influence permeates every corner. Each time you join us at Stella's, it's my sincere promise to serve you not just good food and service, but to infuse every dish and gesture with the same genuine love and passion that Aunt Stella so graciously shared with me.